Military Map

Grid 62b, PC0448WW1MAP

Sheet no. 62b SE
Ed no. 3a (local)
Area St. Quentin - Homblieres
Series no. GSGS 2742
Series name Belgium & France
Base Map Producer O.S.(O.B.)
Base Map Date 1918/10
Overprint Producer [5th] FSB 4392
Overprint Date 09/10/1918
Scale 1:20,000
Description Guise Area - Final Advance; German trenches blue, enemy organisation in red; French tree signs and other conventional signs; names typed at angle to suit the Lambert grid and sheetlines which were intended to be introduced; very good/fine condition.
Annotation Blue note in margin: New [French] Conventional Signs.
Located in Research Collections
Fonds WW1 Trench Maps: France
Box no. PC27
Envelope no. 799
Database Number PC0448

Last Reviewed: March 28, 2014