Military Map

Grid 62b, 082WW1MAP

Sheet no. 62b NW
Ed no. 5a
Area Bellicourt
Series no. GSGS 2742
Series name France
Base Map Producer O.S.
Base Map Date 1918/03
Overprint Producer  
Overprint Date 08/02/1918
Scale 1:20,000
Description light linen backing; folded side-side.
Annotation "W. Dowell, Lieutenant D110 R.F.A., 13th Corps, 4th Aarmy, B.E.F." written in pencil on folded cover panel; pencil lines showing boundaries between: 46th North Midland Territorial Division (British), (2 Corps) 27th & 30th (New York) American Divisions, British Artillery (110th & 112thth Brigades R.F.A.) and the 4th Australian Division; arrows showing Hindenburg line and location of "D" Battery (4.5 Howitzers); instructions: "Zero 05-30 hrs. 2000 yds 4 min. on zero. Lift 100 yds-4 min. 29/9/19", "objective taken by 11:00. Battery moved to A.29 D.5.S next day." written in pink pencil in margin; pink pencil highlighting canal tunnel; wide faded coloured line in NW corner of map.
Located in Research Collections
Fonds WW1 Trench Maps: France
Box no. 5
Envelope no. 150
Database Number 82

Last Reviewed: March 28, 2014