Military Map

Grid 36b, PC0695WW1MAP

Sheet no. [Parts of 36b(44b) SW, 44c SE, 51c NW, 51d NE]
Ed no.  
SHEET TITLE Hautecloque
Area Siracourt - Moncheaux
Series no. UNKNOWN
Series name UNKNOWN
Base Map Producer 3rd F.S.C. 1254
Base Map Date 1917
Overprint Producer  
Overprint Date  
Scale 1:20,000
Description Third Army rear area between St. Pol and Frevent; Artillery map, specially surveyed by 3rd Field Survey Company RE and printed for Third Army Artillery School; Detail & grid black; Contours brown; Shows trig points, two survey pickets, and a Trig Tree SW of Moncheaux; Printed on hand litho press; Paper flat; Demy landscape-format, 51x58.5cm; Scarce.
Located in Research Collections
Fonds WW1 Trench Maps: France
Box no. PC18
Envelope no. 548
Database Number PC0695

Last Reviewed: March 28, 2014