Military Map

Grid 36b, 014WW1MAP

Sheet no. 36a SE, 36 SW, 36b NE, 36c NW (parts)
Ed no. 6
SHEET TITLE Bethune (Combined Sheet)
Area Bethune
Series no. GSGS 2743
Series name France
Base Map Producer O.S.O.
Base Map Date 1916
Overprint Producer  
Overprint Date  
Scale 1:40,000
Description heavy linen backing; folded side-side; index; glossary; shows areas of responsibility of different Royal Engineering units for roads.
Annotation "Boundary line showing area in which R.E. are responsible for roads from information supplied by D.A.D. Roads 19:03:17. Boundary amended at C.R.E.'s interview with D.A.D.R.. :05:17"; shows boundary lines between brigade sectors; many numbered dots of various colours.
Located in Research Collections
Fonds WW1 Trench Maps: France
Box no. 1
Envelope no. 014
Database Number 14

Last Reviewed: March 28, 2014